January 28, 2009

Hello Year of the Ox!

Kimberlina posted about her Chinese horoscope, which intrigued me to check my own. As it turns out, 2009 is going to rock out!! (rock out with my cock out!! you know, cause I'm a rooster. perverts)

Get ready for an outstanding year. Aside from the Snake, the Rooster has the best prospects in the year of the Ox. This is the kind of year you have been waiting for, as everything seems to go your way. You have been diligently working towards some long term goals that finally come together this year.
Does this mean I'll get out of debt?? Or maybe that I'll start a family? Or my business will take off? I have lots of long term goals!

72% (10 favorable and 2 neutral months)
DAMN!! I can live with that!

2009 is a year that you should promote yourself: Your ideas and your talents will be highly regarded and you will be recognized for past and present efforts.
Okay, promote... I should read up more on the etsy articles for that!

The social life for the Rooster is a busy schedule. You will enjoy the company of others in many social functions and parties.
HAHAHAHAHHA! I'd have to make some friends that I can actually see in person first.

Take the time to get the exercise you need and everything should work out fine for you.
yeah... that's the problem, isn't? taking the time.

This a great year financially for the Rooster. If you have any available funds, you may want to reinvest it in your work. This could prove to be highly favorable and you will reap the benefits in your return.
That's soooo good to hear, because I was really worried about my finances. Part-time work is scary! But I do want to ramp up my business, so reinvesting sounds like a plan.

If my year is even half as good as all that, I'll be happy! As for red envelopes stuffed with money? Umm.. who do I talk to about that? Because I'm pretty sure mine never arrived... Is there a place I can get back compensation for all these years?

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kimberlina said...

haha, red envelope money is not retroactive - sorry! ;) but if you hear otherwise, let me know since ant could use some, too.

i can't believe your year is 20 bajillion times better than mine. wanna trade some favorable months?