February 09, 2009

Computer Ups and Downs

You know how I've had to occasionally take my baby (aka iMac) into the Genius Bar while I prayed for an hour that the dude there could bring it back to life? Yeah... we're there again. Except this time there's no Genius Bar, and I had to leave it at the Mac Shac which has no carpet, just a concrete floor full of stains like there used to be carpet glued to it. I dropped it off Friday, and have yet to hear from them... but, it's still under warranty, so whatever they have to do won't cost me anything. I'm really hoping they just replace all the RAM stuff, because at this poing I firmly believe that's been the problem all along.

So I've been without the computer that houses all my photos for quite some time. I may have just dropped it off Friday, but it's been very sick for a while, and I've been too phobic to call Apple about it. Thus, no pictures for blog updates. Well... that, and I've been extremely lethargic.

I do have a new lappy though! So far, it's pretty sweet, and it's beefy enough to run the Sims 2, so the old lappy and the old "gaming pc" were shipped off to friends in need. That was a toy I bought myself. Even more exciting is the toy that DS's mommy got me for Christmas that came last week - a Wacom tablet!!!!! Yeah, I'm stoked. Super stoked. You should probably add that tablet to the list of reasons I haven't been blogging. I've spent the last several nights curled up with the tablet and Corel Painter Essentials and just going to town. Generally speaking, this has not been helpful to getting stuff done for my business, as that requires tangible creativity (oh yeah, I'm now the proud owner of a California business license. woot!). However, last night I managed to finally finish something that's been on my to do list for months.

Yeah! Gift Certificates to my store!! You want one don't you? Buy a bunch for your friends!


kimberlina said...

yay! how big of a tablet did you get?! i have a teeny one. i love it, but i long for a larger one. LOOOONNNGGG for one. :)

Monica said...

I am eager to share in your computer lovin! Wait, that sounded gross.