December 19, 2006

7 Days until Christmas

How the heck did that happen??? At any rate, 24 of the ornaments are done. Drum roll!!

You can get them plain for $6, as shown below.
For an extra dollar, you can send me a picture of your pet, and I'll do my best to put them curled up in front of the fire.

I can send out the plain ones as early as Wednesday, but the custom ones will take a little longer. The good news is that unlike last year, I have all 60 (yes, 60!) very nearly done (meaning they all have the quilled fire already, and are halfway painted) and 24 that are completely done. So even if you get it after Christmas, it won't take as long as last year.

As usual, if you want one, send me an e-mail. Most of you should know it by now!

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