December 03, 2006

22 Days until Christmas

Christmas came early this year!! DS and I both wanted the new Wii, so we decided that would be our Christmas present to each other. Unfortunately, despite going to the stores everyday since the launch, we had been unsuccessful in getting one.

That is, until today!! Those forums DS spends so much time on finally paid off, as were clued in to a second "launch" happening at most stores this morning. So, DS braved 7 degree weather to stand in line for an hour before Target opened this morning to get his "Wii Ticket". For once, I didn't mind getting up early.

We played bowling first. Notice the tongue, a mark of my concentration. Also notice the random ornament mess.

And here's DS. He beat me, surprise surprise.

We also have Zelda, which I'm super excited about, and Madden football. Apparently, there's a surgery game, were you perform surgeries on patients using the two controllers as your scalpel and whatnot. DS believes I will love it, so I guess we're going to have that too. Anyone want to come over and play???


Anonymous said...

Me! Me! Me! I want to play!

(What is that white thing you guys are holding up in the air?)

Anonymous said...

dude, i am so there. we tried waiting the night before it came out, at 11.30 pm. we thought we could get away with waiting for just 30 minutes when they started selling at 12 am. our bad! they were already all spoken for.

then the next sunday, we were w/in 5 people of getting a wii! so effing close! so we've given up for now. or maybe... 3rd time's the charm...

Monkey said...

Oh my God! You two are so cute. I want to put bows on your head.

I've seen the Wii on TV and I admit, it looks like fun. I love bowling in real life. I really do!

Rrramone said...

Woohooooo! And I got a cool new xmas ornament! Nanner Nanner. :-)