February 24, 2010

Life is Hard Without a Sink

Of all the nice things about our apartment (size, neighbors, refurbished), sometimes I'm sure none of those can outweigh the bad.  Mostly because the bad things are recurring and ANNOYING.

Today's bad thing: our plumbing.  I don't know what crappy plumber they had in here to redo all the plumbing fixtures, but 2/3 of them didn't work when we moved in.  On top of that, last night we got our third clogged kitchen sink since moving in here.  I swear, I have never had so many plumbing problems in my entire life, and the house I grew up in was 100 years old.

After the first time (2 weeks after move-in), we got a letter from the landlord telling us that if they could prove we clogged the pipes, we would be responsible for the repair costs.  Ever since then, we do not use our brand new garbage disposal, and every drain has a catch in it to keep all food, hair and whatever else that isn't straight liquid out of it.  We don't even put coffee grounds in the drain, because that was in the letter.

So today the plumber is coming, and we're praying they don't pin this on us.  And we're also praying that disgusting, foul smelling, impossible to clean off black goo doesn't come spraying out of the wall again.

For now, I have to constantly remind myself not to use the sink.  I can't believe how much liquid gets poured down that thing... it's very hard not to dump stuff in there.  Good thing this doesn't seem to affect the shower or toilet...


*Monica said...

oh nooo, I feel your pain. We have had a ton of plumbing issues this year. Maybe it is something in the water??

*ba dum ching*

kimberlina said...

hope it's better! like you said, kitchen good is NASTY. D: