February 15, 2010

LA Zoo

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Unforeseeable circumstances have postponed our trip to the San Diego zoo. However, with the LA zoo still on the list of zoos I need to visit, we decided to go there as it was much closer and decidedly better on the budget.

I have to say, for $13/ticket and free parking, this zoo was a steal! The weather was perfect (apparently 80, but no humidity, a slight breeze, not a cloud in the sky), the crowds were only bad near the most popular animals, the lines are went surprisingly quickly. Even in the crowded areas, people didn't linger overly long, or get pushy. Kids were not bumping into you, or climbing the railings, or screaming at the animals. Even when we felt the need to get away from the crowds, I didn't feel like killing anyone.

The absolute best part though? The babies!! I mean, we saw a baby koala (OH MY GOD!), wallabies, twin pigs, colobus monkey, gorilla, twin snow leopards, giraffes. Granted, some of them were more along the lines of young than brand new, but they were all so ADORABLE.

Also, kettle corn.

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kimberlina said...

yay for seeing a zoo and being relaxed! :) sorry about san diego, but there's always next time. great pics!