February 04, 2010

An Evening with Neil Gaiman

Tonight I had the privilege of sitting seven rows away from Neil Gaiman as he read unpublished stories, answered questions, and told us snippets of things about life and writing. He spoke about how much he loves audiobooks, and making his own. As I sat listening to him read The Thing About Cassandra, I found myself both awed by how mesmerizing his story telling powers were, and feeling cheated that the only one of his books I've listened to was read by Lenny Henry. That's not to say that my experience with Anansi Boys on CD was anything less than great. But after listening to Gaiman speak for two hours, it occurs to me that my public library will need to be thoroughly picked clean of anything they may have recorded in his voice.

He also mentioned Twitter a number of times, and from his references, I'm guessing I should be following him. Such a wonderful, funny man. Bless you Santa Barbara, for finally giving me something truly amazing.

*Both stories that he read to us have publishers, and will be available soon. Though I can't tell you what soon means. The other story, whose name I have unfortunately forgotten, was about a dude at a B&B along the seaside in England. Both were wonderful, though Cassandra was longer, and had, for lack of a better phrase, more teeth.

**Did you know Blueberry Girl was written for Tori Amos while she was pregnant? *swoon*

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kimberlina said...

it took me a bit to get into anansi boys, but i loved that lenny henry didn't speak and read sloooowly like an 80 yr old.