May 05, 2009


Things I've been up to:

  1. learning to quilt with my sewing machine (thanks again mom!!)
  2. reading the chabon book i got from the library
  3. experimenting with needle felting wool roving into decorated coffee cup sleeves
  4. making a bunch of jewelry for various birthday presents
  5. finishing a plaid scarf on my loom
  6. sketching the beginnings of my first painting in years
  7. making mother's day gifts
  8. seeing the new wolverine movie at the matinee (pretty good!)
  9. watching LOTS of streaming netflix while doing 1-7
  10. game nights with friends (photos of my catan cookies if i ever get around to it)
  11. exploring ventura (photos from that too.. again, if i get around to it)
1-8 have all been within the last 4 days.  i've been inspired, and it's wonderful.  i wish i felt this productive all the time.

also, we've had 3 japanese classes now.  the 4th is tomorrow.  i can count to 99 in japanese!!  it's pretty sweet.  ds can tell you all about it.  because i demonstrated for him.  out loud.  while walking back from class.  he loved it.


Monica said...

wohoo!! All of that sounds awesome!

kimberlina said...

wow! you ARE inspired! it's refreshing, isn't it? damn, i need to get me some of that.