April 27, 2009

It's About Time!

My iMac died like 2 weeks ago. It was working more or less fine. I was surfing the internet, when suddenly I got caught in one of those insane popup loops.  They kept telling me I had a virus.  Now, I didn't really believe there was a virus already, but I was afraid those popups might have put something on my computer.  I hadn't gotten around to reinstalling my virus protection after the last time the computer was "fixed", mainly because DS keeps telling me it's pointless on a mac, and here lately I'm suspect of every little thing breaking my computer.

So I decide, just to be safe, that maybe these popups mean it's time to install the virus protection.  It seems to install fine, but wants a restart.  I tell it I'm busy, go away.  Later when I have time, I restart.  And that was all it took.  The computer went on a never ending restart loop.  I did all I knew how to do, and gave up.  Unplugged it and went to bed.  A week later I decided to try again.

DS and I found out how to eject the virus protection disc, since that was still stuck in there.  Then we figured out how to boot from a disc on a mac.  This let me attempt reinstalling the OS.  It promptly told me that it could only wipe the hard drive and start over.  I am SOOOO glad I bought a backup hard drive for this thing, because this is like the 10th time I've had to do that.  Normally, it lets me archive the old OS and start fresh, but it leaves all the existing data.

The install failed a few times, and then finally took.  I was excited to finally use this baby again!  But that was short lived, because the stupid machine wouldn't take my password.  After putting in every password I've ever had, caps and no caps, I again gave up and went to bed.  I finally got around to looking up how I might reset the password without wiping everything again.  TADA!  I am BACK!

Now I just need to meet someone who knows something about macs, because the dudes at the store have "fixed" it twice.  

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kimberlina said...

so glad you're back in business!! i know SO little about macs. it's a little stressful, because i can navigate and troubleshoot pcs so much better. seems like you know more than me, so... i know who to call when we have trouble w/ our mac. ;)