May 08, 2009


The fires have been appearing mild during the day, when the winds die down. By evening, the fire explodes with amazing speed. We drove back to Ventura today to pick up the improved car. By the time we got back, the fire had spread west. It's insane. The photo above is of the newest boundaries. It's far enough west now to include us, but not far enough south. The air at home smells strongly of smoke, and my eyes are burning like when my allergies are bad. It's raining ash.

Jesusita FireImage by penner42 via Flickr

As of right now, we're supposed to be safe. Here's a photo from the tubes, because mine aren't great. Too much smoke.

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Monica said...

that is so scary! Stay safe please.

kimberlina said...

holy crap!

the upside is that... it's a nice glow-y red color...?

i'm sending your house flame-retardant thoughts.

oh, and your bodies, too.