May 18, 2009

Morro Bay, Part 1

(The following events took place May 8-10)

To escape the smoke, ash and encroaching fire, DS and I packed up the cats and went 2 hours north to Morro Bay for the weekend. We went with our friends D&J, who I may have mentioned from our "game nights" with them. They were very cool about us bringing the cats. DS and I weren't too worried that they would die in a fire, but just in case, we didn't want to be 2 hours away if things went bad.

We chose Morro Bay just by searching for hotels that took cats in a place far enough that it would be completely booked with evacuees, but close enough that we wouldn't regret driving there. It was perfect. We saw amazing things, including what I feel was my first real experience with the Pacific Ocean.*

Below are images and two movies. The sound on the movies is not great, just a warning. This is an abbreviated showing of the images. For the whole, humongous set, see my Morro Bay flickr set.

*Our beach faces south with a view of the Channel Islands National Park, which is a string of, well, islands. This combination of things, in my opinion, makes our view of the ocean seem very different than other parts of the west coast. I'm told it also has something to do with our crazy weather.

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kimberlina said...

those furry things... are those otters?! holy shit they are CUTE!