March 15, 2009


Today DS and I took a drive up to Solvang, a small town settled in 1911 by the nice people from Denmark.
As you can see, it's adorable.

We happened to show up in the middle of a huge cycling race. Parking was atrocious, and driving scary because you were always about to hit someone trying sooo hard to pedal uphill without dying. (I know that feeling! I always feel like that when I ride my bike :P)

But once the car was parked, it was awesome. And once the race ended, the little town quieted down some and we enjoyed walking by the shops. Especially the candy shops and bakeries. Yum!

We had lunch at the Red Viking, were we each had a real Danish dish. DS had Danish sausage, and I had Danish meatballs. It was okay. I was most surprised by the red cabbage, which I actually liked. It was kind of sweet. I think there was beet juice in it... but I have no idea.

I had actually learned of this place while researching looms after reading this blog post. There's an Ashford distributor in Solvang, and walking into that store was like walking into a crafter's heaven. I've never seen so much fluffy wool in rainbows of colors in one place in my life. You weren't supposed to touch it, but I couldn't help myself.

So I bought a loom! And then DS and I took the short drive back to Santa Barbara, where I spent the rest of the day playing with it. Isn't a beautiful drive? I can't wait to go back! DS promised :)

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kimberlina said...

exciting! what a wonderful wonderful trip! and a LOOM!!