March 04, 2009

just some stuff floating in my head

1. I was lying in bed last night, trying to get my brain to shut up so I could sleep (this happens frequently, and is probably why DS often finds me with the Nintendo DS [whoa, confusing!] on in the bed when he wakes up in the morning.. Pogo's Word Whomp occupies my brain just enough to shut it up, but not enough to keep it awake. It's like almost-instant sleep aid!). It occurred to me that I think about things in the format of blog posts a lot. In fact, the thoughts last night about thinking in blog format were also in blog format. Maybe this is why I always feel like I'm blogging way more than I actually am....

2. I've been doing some research and joining a few more crafty websites in the hopes of building a broader customer base. Europe, here I come!! Well, not physically... you know what I mean.

3. Battlestar Galactica is soon coming to an end, and I'm sad about it. I feel myself wanting to resort to this habit I have of not reading the last book in a series in the hopes that my brain will continue to think the world the series created still exists. Because for some reason, actually finishing it makes it fade and seem less real. Also, it doesn't seem like they could wrap up the whole show in only three more episodes, even if one of those is three hours long.

4. DS and I have made some new friends, which is always exciting. Last night they invited us to attend the Banff Mountain Film Festival with them, which was just amazing. DS had been once before in the past, but it was my first time. Unfortunately, we only had tickets for the first night, but at least now we both know we'll want to attend the whole thing next year!

5. I'm reading The Kite Runner, and it has a disturbing way of making me forget to put it down and go to sleep.... I guess that means it's a good book, but I should probably make time to read it when I'm not in bed. I'm also reading War and Peace, which doesn't have the same effect. Though in its defense, I'm only on like page 12 or something.

6. I'm working on jewelry right now that will be sold in a real live store! It's very exciting, and I'm really hoping that it goes over well with customers. I'm slowly getting 'stranger' customers on Etsy, which is very satisfying, but I have this feeling that I could do very well in a setting where people can see and touch the jewelry before buying it. I get a lot of nice comments on the quality of my work.

Doctor WhoImage via Wikipedia

7. I was so excited to get the BBC when we moved out here so I could watch the new season of Doctor Who, and the stupid channel isn't showing it. From the looks of the channel guide here lately, BBC America is really like the Gordon what's-his-face channel. Bleh.

8. I've been trying out Zemanta, which is like a browser plug-in that finds photos and links and tags for your blog posts as your typing. All hyperlink courtesy of them. It's okay so far.

9. I LOVE Google Reader. I can't get DS to use it, which is a shame. It's just amazing. The only fault I have with it is that I want to subscribe to so many things, and then I get online after not checking it for a day and suddenly I have 400 posts to read... It has been difficult to make myself just click "mark all as read" and move on. Doesn't mesh with my "100%er" personality. But I really don't want to spend my every waking moment reading those things. Of course, part of what makes Google Reader so sweet is that your friends can share things, and so even if I can't read all of Super Punch one day, for example, there's a good chance anything worth reading is shared by someone else. My favorite part is reading the stuff shared by Kimberlina. In fact, she probably gets tired of the massive amount of e-mail I'm sending her to comment on all the stuff I love that she shares... I wish I could just comment on her shares without re-sharing them!


Monica said...

I fall asleep playing collapse chaos on my cell

kimberlina said...

HAHAHAHA! i feel the same way! and i love the emails! :D i'm all about "marki[ing] all as read" though, but that's because if i don't check it in one day, i have over 1000+ unread posts. it's a sickness. i've actually started unsubscribing, and it's still not helping. i rely on my friends to keep me updated w/ those god damned posts.

i'm tired of living my life through other people's excitement, you know?


so anyways, i also feel you w/ bsg. it's the first time i actually feel like i don't want to watch the ending, because it'll be all over. D: