March 06, 2009

last one today, i promise!

holy cow, three posts in one day!! (did they come out as three posts? the interwebs acts funny when you're on pacific time. the world resets at 9pm...)

anyway, did you know my husband has a blog? no? i don't blame you. i forget it exists for roughly 6 months at a time. which is a good amount of time, because you're usually gaurenteed at least a little something to read if you wait that long.

anyhow, he's been updating a little more regularly here recently, and most of it is not a duplication of mine (really, it's surprising any of it is, because we sort of orbit the same thing, but don't share an orbit... though they cross sometimes. but really, i'm not going to blog about watching the daily show.)

my point: check it out. especially if you're related to him, because i know some of you read my blog to make up for his lack of communication.

ps - zemanta recommend the following wikipedia links be activated: "orbit" and "holy cow". okay fine, i'll do it.

pps - it also recommended the following tags: "programming", "corba", "component frameworks", "object request brokers", "humor", "recreation". none of those apply!! (especially the humor - ooh snap! heheheheh. okay, it's obviously past my bedtime.)

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1 comment:

kimberlina said...

i subscribed to his blog the other week! :) i liked his pics of those crappy houses you live near. what a dump!