January 21, 2008

Anyone need a zoo planner?

I've taken a break from Mass Effect to re-take up a game I've had for some time: Zoo Tycoon 2. Except now, I've gone expansion pack crazy!!

Need someone to tranquilize some dinosaurs? Call me! Need someone to train marine life and design marine shows? Call me! Need someone to fulfill the ever-growing needs and wants of your zoo guests? Call me!

In case you're confused, I'm basically saying that I'm an expert zoo designer, planner, and maintainer! And I greatly enjoy it, so you'd almost be doing me a favor by giving me that much work!

So yeah, that's what I'm doing now. That and still chugging along towards my deadline. And recovering from hosting a viewing of the Packers' game on Sunday. Packers fans are scary.

And on the exhaustion front, my therapist has recommended getting full spectrum light bulbs, getting more vitamin D, magnesium, and fatty three omega acids, and moving around in some capacity for 18 minutes 3 days a week (apparently, that's really all you need for mood and energy benefits). These recommendations came after being told that I don't see the sun at all in the winter, because my office has no windows and it's dark when I go home. Apparently my brain has forgotten how to function during the "day". So go ahead and try those things out if you're finding yourself exhausted as well!


Ookami Snow said...

Run a zoo if I am exhausted?

kimberlina said...

oh, lovely!! i've heard about light therapy - it makes a lot of sense. and i *know* i'd be all about it if i moved up north. i needs me my sunshine.

Rrramone said...

I do I do! And did the Packers win?