March 01, 2007

My cat is high

You would think that after a full day of rain, some portion of this snow would have melted, but no. You'd be wrong if you thought that. And also if you thought that the rain somehow signified the start of spring. Why are you wrong about this? Because it's once again snowing, and once again I can no longer see my driveway.

I knew that freezing temperatures holding off until mid-January would come back to bite us in the ass.

Please don't misinterpret me. I still love winter, and snow. But not when it's all in 10 foot high mounds of nastiness from plows. It was way cooler on Sunday before they screwed it all up. Like all of those super sweet snow sculptures everyone loved down there? Gone!

I've gotten a lot of presents in the mail recently, one of which was from my dear friend Kimberlina, who took my etsy purchase and turned it into something wonderful. So now, not only do I have a very nice bracelet, but also a cool zipper bag, a shirt from Ant's band, AND a sticker. Okay, I bought the band shirt. But I got a sticker and a little bag! I'm telling you, one day I'm going to get that girl to move here so I can bask in her radiance every day, instead of just that one time in Chicago. I love you!

I've also given myself gifts, in the form of two new computer games: 1701 A.D. and the new edition of Sims 2. And yet, I spent the night playing DS's newest present, MLB 2K7.... well, tomorrow's Friday!

What about my cat, you asked? Did I mention they have their first catnip toy? Winston spent the night licking it, and then rolled around making funny noises in the cat tree. I wish catnip did that to me.

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