February 25, 2007

Calvin and Hobbes

This snow was AWESOME for making snowmen. One of DS's dreams has always been to recreate scenes from his favorite Calvin and Hobbes cartoons. Using this page as inspiration, we set out to do just that. We ended up creating three scenes (well, as close as we could) from the comic, and then I made one of my own. Then we went around and took pictures of things other people had made.

Click on the photo above to see it all.


kimberlina said...


i am so jealous of your snow and your calvin & hobbes snowmen!!!


... then again, i did sit by the pool yesterday, so i guess i can't complain.

Janelle Renee said...

This is AWESOME!!!

Can I have your and DS's snowman making help next winter? (It'll be my first real and snowy winter--I hope it'll be snowy!)

I don't have any experience with snow sculpting.

Spinning Girl said...

Lovve, LOVE, LOVE Calvin & Hobbes, how awesoem of you to recreate this, every C&H fan's dream!

So, with the mini-T-rex scene, which did you run out of ... energy, or daylight? Clearly you didn't lack for snow!

Kat said...

HA! That rocks. But I'd like to see you recreate Nude Descending a Staircase please.

Freeloader said...

Calvin and Hobbs!! L O L ! !
It's a real shame that there will not be any new ones. I found a few classic christmas season cartoons here http://christmas.whipnet.net/kids/calvin.hobbs.html