November 28, 2006

You wanted Thanksgiving Pictures?

This is just a close up picture of my Thanksgiving handtowels.
Go ahead, use it as your festive wallpaper next year, I will.

So here's our Thanksgiving in a nutshell:
(yes, that's my new KitchenAid Mixer! woot!)

I spent 20 whole minutes preparing this whiskey and pumpkin pie, and then a whole hour waiting on it to bake in the oven...

... and all DS made was this Rosemary Roasted Turkey.


Moral Turpitude said... did the pie taste?

uph_man said...

Hope the pie turned out as good as mammaw made hers! I missed that this year :( , & mammaw too.

Monkey said...

Oh my WORD! You guys are hardcore. I didn't cook my own turkey until I was deep deep into my thirties. I'm so ashamed.

Our ornaments arrived! Monkey will be blogging about them soon. He is entranced with our miniature penguins.

Signed with Holiday Love,
Monkey's Human