November 19, 2006


Sometimes when I'm doing laundry, I get distracted and leave the dryer door open while I do something else. We have one of those double stacked washer-dryer sets that fit into a closet, and the dryer is on top. Apparently, Winston discovered the dryer a while back, and now I can't keep him out of it when I'm folding clothes. I just can't get him to understand why a warm, soft cubby hole is a bad place for a cat to sleep...

These are two different occasions. It would seem he likes the dryer even when it's empty.

And this is a random picture from a snuggle session the other day. He has a really hard time just being sweet, which is actually one of my favorite things about him.


Anonymous said...

How cute! I'm missing my kitties right now. :)

Spinning Girl said...

Just make sure he's out of there before you start a load.

It ocunds dumb to say that, but someone I know did that.

It didn't end well.

Your cat is *almost* as cute as Jane!

Monkey said...

Winston! That scamp.