November 15, 2006

Animal Planet is a crappy channel

I don't know why I bother watching that stupid channel. You think to yourself, oh, cool, animals. I love animals. But everytime I watch that channel, it's some show about animal rescue, which is really a show where they show you puppies dying and cats stuck in pipes, and dogs with barbed wire stuck in their bodies. I can't watch that channel without crying, and I refuse to be sucked in again!


Monkey said...

Oh! I agree with you on this 150%! I don't watch it anymore. It gave me nightmares.

Anonymous said...

d00d, i'm totally the same way.

i also hate watching the shows that have 4 storylines going on at the same time, and every time they return from a commercial break, they have to go over each one again in excruciating detail even though you've sat there, the last 40 minutes, watching the show. I'M NOT AN IDIOT, right? ergh.

M.Mouse.Fan said...

You are your mother's daughter!!

Spinning Girl said...


Rent all the old Wild Kingdoms instead. You will feel so much better. I like "real" animal shows, not this hyped-up stuff with animal rescue and "extreme" predators. Give me David Attenborough's slow-paced British ponderings any day.