June 02, 2006

Where do headaches come from?

Day 10. No ring...

I made chocolate milkshakes, and got hired again by DS and Co. Rumor has it that Jeff from accounting thinks I'm hot shit. They say I might even get promoted.*

Saw X-Men 3: The Last Stand. Bobi is right, the next one should be The Lasterest Stand... Mind jumping indeed!

Still holding out on seeing The Da Vinci Code. Too many people are saying it sucked. I'd rather watch sucky movies from blockbuster. At least then I'm saving myself 14 bucks, not counting the cost of popcorn and drinks....

Now, it's to bed. For I have to work again tomorrow, from 9-6:30. And DS says I can only have a hot breakfast if he makes it before leaving at 8. (He's going climbing tomorrow. Ho bag.)

* This is a long running joke between DS and I. Most of the time, he just fires me. But on the rare occasion that I really impress him, I get hired. And even more rare than that, like President Bush doing something intelligent rare, I get promoted.

You know what? Nevermind. Trying to explain inside jokes to other people never works out.


Spinning Girl said...

Let's veto The DaVinci Code, together.

kimberlina said...

i love that you call DS a ho bag. that's so sweet! anthony's appellation is beeyotch. hehe.

::sends out her chinese mafia to find your ring::

Spinning Girl said...

Just came back to say I meant "boycott" but said "veto". It bothered me all weekend.