June 12, 2006

Calling all Helpers!

Dear Friends,

I say 'friends' because I am in need of some help with a project, and you will probably receive little to no benefit from helping me. And by that I mean, I'll most likely say "thank you friend" and maybe send you a handmade card in the mail or something.

I have some idea for my sleep goblin website. You know, the one where I sell stuff? However, it requires a little more finesse with web design than I have, not to mention a little graphic design and flash knowledge.

If any of you know how to do some of this stuff, and would like to help me, please, by all means, let me know! Oh, I know! I'll make a page on my website listing all of the helpers as contributors to the site! That's at least recognition for your hard work!

My ambitions are always bigger than my talent.. it's a chronic problem.

Thanks for listening,
Sleep Goblin


kimberlina said...

hey sleep,

i can help if you'd like. i only know a bit of html and hardly any css and... well, no flash.

i wish i did. but i do know adobe and if you need anything, please ask! my portfolio is the extent of my web knowledge. sometimes i can do rollovers. hey, maybe i can make checkout/buy now buttons?

let me know! :)

mlk said...

Sam quit her job to become a web dev. She's working to build up a portfolio so she can get good paying jobs.

I'll ask her to get in touch with you. I think her main requirement is that you don't f around with getting her content to fill the site.

Anonymous said...

yeah, I'll do it. I know some flash and all the rest of that jazz. My site is www.formedwithart.com send me an email and we'll talk
aka, matt's better half ;)

Spinning Girl said...

I have few skills. Everything I did on my blog, I did myself, but that's as talented as I get.

Rrramone said...

My dear sweet Sleep Goblin. I am happy to help if I can, which means that what I can offer is creative direction as opposed to programming. I'm afraid I am behind in the actual computer skills, as I've had a capable staff to do all that for me for many years. So if you want some creative opinions, I'm yours.

Now, this brings up another topic. You may remember this post: http://sleepgoblin.blogspot.com/2005/12/dedicated-to-willie-baronet.html
in which I was promised an "ornament" which I am sure is in production right now. However, if it would be easier for you to send me a card or a mobile or whatever, I just want you to know that any token would be just lovely with me. About a month ago I stopped sitting out by the mailbox and attacking the mailman when he showed up. Getting a restraining order from the US Postal Service is such a humbling experience.

Friends forever and Stay Super Sweet!