June 09, 2006

Look who got a new camera!

I've haven't been posting as many pictures as usual, because frankly, it's rare that my camera takes any worth seeing. But all that has changed!! I present to you, in no particular order, some of the awesome pictures taken today with my new camera!

I've always loved this telephone booth!
You just don't see enough of these anymore.

A dahlia from my balcony. I love plants.

My ring. Hooray!!

There was no sun today, to the sparkle didn't really pick up on the camera. You can be sure that the next I see the rainbows fly, you'll have a picture of it!


Moral Turpitude said...

So pretty!

Janelle Renee said...

Beautiful! So happy for you! (For the ring AND camera!)


Tonya said...

It's lovely. Congrats.

cg-c said...

Wow! Woooo! Oooooooh! So pretty! Yummy!

What will your wedding band look like, or haven't we gotten that far?

Spinning Girl said...

Such beauty abounds!

kimberlina said...

what a lovely lovely ring! i love wonderfully square it is.

and don't you love the sparkly? i love the sparkly. *le sigh*

Oscar Madison said...

New camera, or did you newly discover your inner photographer?

Who is it that never comments, by the way? Me?