June 17, 2006

A Saturday Cookout!

Today, DS decided we would have grilled hamburgers for dinner! I was very excited, as I had been secretly craving this exact thing for at least a week now. (When you're as demanding as I am in a relationship, you cannot just say to your partner, I want grilled hamburgers, and expect it to go over well. I know this is a flaw in my character, but at least I'm aware of it and don't demand "gourmet" food on top of everything else.)

I spent most of the grilling time lying on the grass, taking pictures of wildlife, and DS. This always makes him slightly self-conscious, and thus, he started threatening me with the spatula... Look at those clouds! We had a small chance of storms this evening.

I love to pretend that I'm taking pictures, and then take them once people think I'm done. DS spent most of this photo shoot sitting on the grass next to me while the burgers did their thing, crossing his eyes and sticking out his tongue. Eventually though, he laughed, which brought an honest smile, and my new favorite picture of him.

Mmm!! This is a tasty burger! Doesn't it look good? I love that he cooks for me.

Sure enough, those clouds brought quite the storm. Granted, it only lasted about 5 minutes, but that was enough to make it dark and flood-like outsides. *sigh* I love storms.

Here are some other posts I've been meaning to write, but just haven't had the time:

Our apartments are actually three different complexes run by one company. They're each in different price ranges, and the fancy apartments have a fancy pond. Jerks. Lucky for me it's not fenced off, so even cheapskates like myself can benefit from those scrooges.

Earlier in the week, DS tried his hand at some homemade spaghetti sauce, complete with fresh tomatos and my homegrown herbs! It was soooo scrumptious, and it made like a gazillion gallons. It's a good thing we have a freezer...

And finally, a treat for Spinning Girl. I have no idea what about this glass uplight's finish makes it Estonian, but the fine, or not so fine, people of Kirkland's seem to think it is.


Sherri said...

hey i make a mean fat burger but those look pretty tasty. also i have the mushroom arrangement that goes with those canisters your papaw gave it to me for you.thats how your dad makes spaghetti was that his recipe? just wondering lol.well it looked like you two had fun...how romantic.

Janelle Renee said...

What a lovely account of a lovely day.

(Those hamburgers look delicious, and what a nice photo of an "honest smile.")

Tonya said...

Mmm. That burger photo is making me hungry. And I just ate lunch -- a freakin' salad at that.

Moral Turpitude said...

What the heck does it say on that maroon shirt he's wearing??

Sleep Goblin said...

It says "Preservationists Make it Last Longer", which I bought for him at the National Trust for Historic Preservation conference in October of 2004.

Spinning Girl said...

Hmmm, I have no idea what an "Estonian finish" is. Stwange!

but YUM on the burgers.

kimberlina said...

what a cutie! AND a hamburger griller to boot. you're a lucky gal.

::tummy rumbles:: so hungry!