May 30, 2006

Swiss Cheese

When I got to the Union Terrace on Friday night, everyone wanted to see my ring. Imagine their disappointment when they learned that I still don't have it. Imagine my own when I realized that I had never told you all the latest development of the neverending drama involved with this ring.

Let me first catch you up on the story, in case you happen to be a new reader. Just after Christmas, DS began trying to order my ring. Our jeweler, who happens to be my dad's girlfriend, couldn't get the necessary stones in time for him to have the ring before leaving for France, because I wanted sapphire baguettes, and the setting required them to be oddly shaped. So, he settled on another one, without the baguettes, and it was overnighted to him, giving him one day to get it before leaving. Some sort of strike happened on that one day, and the ring was lost for a week. Needless to say, he went to France without it. Jesse, a friend, found it, and shipped it to him for an outrageous amount of money. France refused to allow DS to get it without paying $500 import fees, so it was returned. There was a period of limbo when it wasn't known if the ring would make it home safely. I was proposed to without said ring, and had to wait until DS's return to get it. Then, it didn't fit.

So now you're up to speed. My ring didn't fit, but I thought I could wear it and be careful until we could get it sized. However, after two days, I realized it was indeed to large to wear without danger of losing it. So I stopped. It took a couple of days, but DS finally noticed and was very upset. Something about me not loving him.. I don't know, I wasn't really paying attention. Despite my better judgement, I wore the ring the next day to make him happy. And guess what? I lost it. $3000 down the drain just like that. (Okay, not really. Like I said, I have a jeweller in the family. We get a big discount.)

KT2 and I frantically tore about the entire store, stockroom included, to no avail. At this point, I'm freaking out. I can't remember seeing this ring on my finger for a good 4 hours. (Yes, I'm aware how sad this is.) That means it could be anywhere, because I definitely remembered wearing it to work, but we had run errands for the store all morning. We'd done markdowns and reorganized the stockroom. We'd put tons of stuff in the trash compactor and the cardboard bin. I feel certain the ring is gone forever.

However, KT2 and I decide we'll just check the Copp's parking lot (a local grocery store). After all, I had put lotion on in the car on the way there. Of course, at the point I'm thinking, "Who would leave a $3K diamond ring laying in the parking lot?" On the way, I called DS. You could say he wasn't happy.

We park, get out of the car, and KT2 starts running. Can you believe she found my ring just laying in the parking lot, under someone's car? The funny part was watching her scramble under as the owners were still trying to open their door and get out. The poor thing had been scraped along the pavement, and was scratched along both sides. The setting had come loose. I didn't care. I had my ring back. It went directly into a zippered pocket of my purse, and DS was instructed to get it insured right that second.

Two weeks ago, we sent it back to the fam to get it sized and prettied up. Last Tuesday, it was shipped back to us. An entire week has gone by, and still no ring. I'm telling you, this thing is cursed. It refuses to be worn, at least by me.

I was so confident when I woke up this morning that it would come today, but it would seem now that I'll just have to hope it shows up at all. At least now it's insured...


Janelle Renee said...

I can see your ring adventures on the big screen! I'll play the part of "Ring," but I would like to request a stunt double. There are some dangerous scenes!

Moral Turpitude said...

I don't like these lost ring stories. They make me want to pee.

Moral Turpitude said...

oh, i forgot to add my word ver and i know how SG LOVES them:

"isandl": The title of a flip-flop's autobiography.

Anonymous said...

you should have seen me having to wait almost 2 weeks to find it lol. I think i drove Rob crazy and also got to talk to Jessie who i am eternally greatful for him being the detective and finding the again missing ring. Also i think the holiday slowed down the snail mail even more so don't panic yet.Sherri