May 27, 2006


I'm currently sitting in a coffeehouse, experiencing group blogging. This is new for me. Of the five people at this table, I previously knew 2 of them in person, one of which is myself. Look at me! I'm meeting new people and being social!! I know, it's shocking.

So, we're supposed to be creative right now, and express something in blog form. Something that suggests we're blogging in a group. But I can't think of anything, so you see that cluster up there? That's a blogfart. Similar to a brain fart. Except it's visual.

Yeah, I can't do this forced creative thing. Deal with it. If I come up with something better, you'll know. Because it will be here. Or maybe.. it won't be! Perhaps I'll put it on someone else's blog while they're in the bathroom. Goblins are sneaky that way.


Oscar Madison said...

Why don't you have a cheese curd to get the creative juices flowing? It's like washing a dish in your mouth. The cupcake may be blocking your chi.

Moral Turpitude said...

Are you using the bathroom during your visit to the coffee shop or occassionally coming out for coffee during your visit to the bathroom? Deep.

Is that tattoo eyeshadow?

Tonya said...

No comment on the blog post, but you're doing a great job being social.

Janelle Renee said...

I think this post is very creative!

We are heading out now. So this comment is lame.