May 23, 2006

DS is Famous!

I felt like I should post, before SG kicks me off the bed...

Things you should know:

  1. I went to an AMAZING!! party Saturday night at my boss's house. Holy cow! Unfortunately, DS's sleeping curse sent us home around midnight, just before the dancing started. I'm determined to send him home without me next time.
  2. I'm deep in the throes of Prodigal Summer, which for reasons I can't quite explain, has me utterly hooked. On the surface, it seems random, but something inside me knows it is not, and I'm searching, searching, searching for the part where it all comes together. And poor Lusa.. *sigh* I'm totally on her side. (Thanks SG!!)
  3. My engagement ring, which has now been lost three times if you count the time it was rejected from France, is scheduled to leave Kentucky tomorrow, sized, polished, and re-set. I might, just might, be actually wearing my ring by the end of the week. We'll see. This ring has a history...
  4. DS has officially gotten his first research paper published in a highly respected science journal called PRL or something. We're very stoked, because this means he's one step closer to graduating. (And let me tell you, it's about freakin' time!)
  5. I'm trying to convince myself to pick up painting again. I haven't painted anything since I sent BOBI that puffin picture.
  6. I'm secretly (or perhaps not so secretly) in love with Kimberlina, but she coyishly brushes me aside. Alas!
  7. I'm determined to save up $42.00 to buy a dress at this place called Francesca's Collections. It's so totally me.
  8. I have a dinner date with my girlfriend on Wednesday! I think she's making me tacos. Oh, I guess the boys will be there too, but who cares!
  9. I have a "drinks" date with some of my "blogging friends" on Friday night. Yeah, that's right, blogging friends. What? If you're so jealous, you should fly out and visit me too!
I know you think I should have 10 things on here, so that you can see an nice, round, even number. No! Deal with the number nine. It's good for you. It's the square of the magic number, with makes it doubly magical. 3 x 3 = 9. See? Beautiful. Though admittedly not as beautiful as 4, which stole my heart away in 4th grade...


uph_man said...

Congradulations DS! Is this something we may read? DS's sleeping curse may not go with your nightowlishness, Just stand by your man.

kimberlina said...

eep, i do not mean to be one to coyly brush one aside! least i'm not callous? i love my little gobble-goblin!

1 - i heart dancing. maybe i'll bring my dancin' shoes to my gfss weekend coming up...
2 - i was like that w/ ... ::brain freeze:: ... uh... poisonwood bible! that one completely entranced me.
3 - you're going to love love love it. trust me, you won't be able to keep your eyes away from it for at least 2 weeks.
4 - congrats congrats! *sigh* i am just beginning my grad school life. i think it just might hurt a little.
5 - i love paint. you should do it. fo shizzle.
6 - :D
7 - will you model it for us?
8 - cool - what time should i expect you for dinner?
9 - buy me a ticket?

Moral Turpitude said...

Yes! I am making you tacos! DS can have some too but he has to eat them through his nose.

Oscar Madison said...

Glad you're posting again on the eve of meeting u-know-who.

Spinning Girl said...

You slay me. SLAY!


1> You will forever be on the bed. Unless you piss me off. Which you won't, cuz I heart you.

2> Oh, it all comes together most marvelously. Wait for it!

3> Blogging friends! Which? That is so great. The last blog-meeting I had went awry and now I am shy. I could come around, though.

4> Tacos. Nature's perfect snack. Just like the raisin.

janelle renee said...

Yay! Sleep Goblin post and filled with fun things!

Congratulations to DS. That's great news!

I think it's nice to have so many stories about your ring. Your grandchildren will never tire of hearing them! How many people can say that France rejected their ring? That's so cool!

Yay! Friday is almost here! :)

(Spinning Girl: Me! I'm a blog friend!)

Bee said...

I came across the Puffin picture the other day and admired it mightily. It will have a place of honor in our new home. Whenever we freaking get in it.

BOBI got a new car so I get to drive the minivan! I'm learning my way around so well I'll be giving HIM directions soon.

Oscar Madison said...

Your meeting people from the internet???

Oscar Madison said...

Ooops, I mean "you're." Don't hate me!!