May 06, 2006

Spring is Here

While people like Janelle and Kimberlina were boasting about warm weather months ago, I'm just now able to say with certainty that spring has come to Wisconsin.

Now, don't get me wrong. The freezing temperatures ended a while ago*. However, it takes more than that for me to feel like it's spring. Now, I have proof. See for yourself!

Hooray for Farmer's Markets! Ours just re-opened this past Thursday, and I happily bought some farm fresh honey!

As a special treat, here are the Easter eggs DS and I made last week. And yes, I know that we did it late. But as least we did it!

*Note: DS has informed me that it was indeed 32 degrees when he woke up this morning. But really, it gets into at least the lower 60's most days. Visitors should bring a light jacket though, just in case.


Moral Turpitude said...

Those are the nerdiest easter eggs I've ever seen. But in a good way :)

Oscar Madison said...

It (Spring) so totally is here... I mean, "there," where you live. Speaking of which, you should check out the East Side Farmer's market on Tuesday evenings, which my friends in Your Town tell me is great.

Janelle Renee said...

Lovely pics! Wisconsin looks beautiful in spring.

I'm sure any visitor to your fine state will not be disappointed, and be really appreciative to your for your light jacket recommendation. :)