August 23, 2012

Anatomy Scan!

Today we got to look at the babies for almost an hour and a half.  They're so much bigger than they were before!  About 6 inches, CRAZY.  Baby A weighs about 9 ounces, and Baby B about 8 ounces.  Pretty much every inch of their bodies were measured.  Their skulls, parts of their brains, their kidneys, their stomachs.  Their bones have started calcifying, so we could actually make out every single vertebrae and rib.  The tech had to make sure their hearts were functioning properly, so she watched those in slow mo.  It was really cool to see all 4 chambers working together.

Their nervous systems have started functioning, so they have some controlled movements now.  We watched both of them sucking their thumbs at various points.  They also both got the hiccups.  They had liquid in their stomachs and bladders, which meant they're properly swallowing amniotic fluid and their kidneys are working.  Good job babies!

Baby B, thumb sucking

Baby A, relaxing
Baby A was wiggling all over the place as usual, so finding out the sex took a while with that one.  The tech moved to Baby B hoping we could come back to the other one at the end.  Baby B was not shy.

The tech says, "So now I have to give you my spiel about us not being 100% sure on the sex, but if that's not a boy you'll have to bring him back here for me to see!"  She finished up with the measurements she could get (Baby B was in the wrong spot to get a back of the brain measurement), and then decided to do some of her computer work that she would normally have done at the end when she didn't need us anymore.  Otherwise we would have been back in 2 weeks or so, and we're already going every 4 weeks because we're high risk.  There was about a half hour between that shot of B's legs and when she finished entering our measurements.  I just knew that A would end up being a boy too, because in 19 weeks we've only thought of one name, and it was for a girl.

And sure enough:

Jerks!  I keep calling them my jerk babies, and little things like this are why.  I laughed when we saw him like this, and I said, "he must have heard you saying how good Baby B was being and got jealous!"  The "BOY" type is in his umbilical cord, but the more defined part is his penis.  This shot isn't as easy to read as B's, because you can't really see his legs, so I labeled his butt for you.

So we have all their measurements!  And the doctor came in and did a quick check for herself and told us how happy she was everyone is doing fine.  They both also commented on how easy the scan was to do because I'm so skinny.  :)

Other than the fact that I started getting super hot at one point from the pressure the babies were putting on my blood vessels while lying on my back, this was a great visit.  We'll go back every 4 weeks, but they'll be shorter check ups called growth scans.  Those will be to make sure each baby is growing as they should, and that they're not having issues with things like intrauterine growth restriction or large discrepancies between the two which would be possible reasons to induce early.

Here's one last pic of them both.  It's still super hard to fit them both in one photo.

Baby B on the left, thumb sucking, Baby A's head on the right

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