September 07, 2009

Luke's Visit: July 3 - July 6, 2009

Location: Paseo Nuevo Mall, rear steps
I love the tile work on these stairs.

Location: State St, near the Amtrak station
This tree is CRAZY! Each set of branches is like a perfect star.

Location: Stearn's Wharf
I've cropped out the bird poop covered thing the camera was sitting on. Helps a lot!

Location: Corner of Stearn's Wharf and State St.
Luke wanted to post with palm trees. He's very fond of them.

Location: State St, near the yummy danish bakery
Luke is petting a statue of a squirrel. He's nice to animals.

Location: State St., in a side thing full of sculptures.
Luke looks over Ben Franklin's shoulder to see what he's reading.

Location: Same as above.
The french horn player of a trio looks at the cellist with longing.

Location: Same as above.
DS "smiles" for the camera. He's a jerk.

Location: Craft room, my apartment.
Winston and Felix decide they really like the air mattress we bought for Luke.

Location: Santa Barbara Winery
Luke says "cheers"

Location: Same as above
DS and I demonstrate the uplifted pinky technique.

Location: Santa Barbara Zoo
Luke shows us how awesome the frog mask is.

Location: EWWW! Exhibit, Santa Barbara Zoo
Luke with Gecko on glass

Location: Santa Barbara Zoo
Pretty Leopard

Location: Same as above
Sleep/Scary Leopard

Location: California Trails Exhibit, Santa Barbara Zoo
Luke poses in front of the new condor exhibit

Location: Santa Barbara Zoo
Scary Lion. GRR!

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kimberlina said...

or, alternatively, ben is giving luke a hand job