September 16, 2009

Birthday updates and more

Today I saved the life of a Western Scrub-Jay. At least I'm hoping I did. I found it in my yard when I went to get the mail, and immediately knew something was wrong with it when it didn't fly away from me. I think its wing was broken. But I called around and found the phone number for the local wildlife care center, who told me how to safely catch it, and then I turned it over to them. In return for their help, I have offered my volunteer services for as long as I'm unemployed. We'll see how that goes.

A pretty, and delicious pair of cupcakes that DS and I treated ourselves to for my birthday.

DS and myself.

My birthday cake!! My friend Sam made this for me. It is super moist chocolate cake with a later of raspberry sauce in it. SOOOO yummy! I'm still enjoying it :)

In the way of presents, in addition to the cake above, I received the new Alton Brown book (which is AWESOME) and a starter kit for Art Clay (handmade silver stuff, here I come). DS is excited about both; the first because Alton Brown is the coolest, and the second because it came with a butane torch. He's wanted one ever since a friend brought one to a cookout and used it to make caramelized fruit (and also torching things).

*le sigh* so cool. And the book wrapper comes of into a full size poster. Woo!

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kimberlina said...

SO glad i didn't get you that book and send it to you! *laugh* and your cupcakes and cake look delicious. my mouth watered looking at all that chocolate.

+50 karma points for saving the little bird!