September 14, 2009

Creative Roundup

I've mentioned a few projects I've been working on from time to time, but haven't been posting pictures. This post seeks to fix that.

Bookmark for Luke's birthday, consisting of copper, sodalite, unakite, and hematite.

Pen dangle for Luke's birthday, consisting of betel nut, wood, and a sleep goblin charm.


Curtain close up, and also the cat tree.

Nine patch quilt for the Drama Queen's new baby.

My "signature" on the quilt, consisting of Sleep Goblin, my initials, and the year.

One of the new scarves in the store.


Monica said...

you have been busy!!! Beautiful stuff, as usual.

kimberlina said...

for real! and those curtains turned out great!

Monica said...

hey, look at my blog!!!! Very cool!!!