April 09, 2009


It's been several weeks since I've posted anything. Part of me feels like I haven't done anything worth posting about, and part of me feels like I've been too busy to post. Truth be told, I've been very distracted. There are lots of pictures I need to wade through so I can post stuff (be on the lookout for back posts in the near future). I've been making a meager effort to jot down small reminders of my more interesting days so that I'll have some kind of reference when I finally do get around to posting again.

Life is in disarray. Not bad. Not bad at all. Kinda good actually. But very much not organized. I had plans for life here. Work part time in the real world, part time for myself. Get chores done somewhat regularly, do some exercise, actually experience the outdoors from time to time. The only thing I'm consistently doing is working part time in the real world, and I think we all know why I'm doing that... Certainly not because it's the thing I want to do most.

I'm finding that I have a habit of obsessing over things, and then only really being able to do that one thing with any sort of discipline. The rest falls by the wayside and hopes I'll remember it and re-obsess soon. After I picked up Animal Crossing for the Wii, I did that for 2-3 hours everyday. I spent a lot of time setting up the craft room. Then I bought a loom, and spent a couple of weeks weaving. Last weekend I was starting over with Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness, and the past few days have been split between crocheting a bunny and reading The Time Traveler's Wife (this book is AWESOME, btw).

Meanwhile, I haven't posted new jewelry to my store since 2/18 (though I have made a few things, and shipped some other things to a solid store), I'm not getting around to laundry until I have enough for a whole day's worth of washing, and the mail is in an ever-growing heap on the kitchen counter. I don't remember the last time I rode my fancy bicycle. I think it was early March.

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So what's the deal? I'm young enough to be able to have energy to do things, yet 2 things a day seems to be my limit. And I'm sleeping like 8-10 hours every night. How do I get motivated? Any ideas? I need some kind of schedule that's flexible enough to allow my imagination to have room to come up with new ideas and keep me feeling fresh, but rigid enough that I'm actually getting something done.

Oh, and can anyone clean my apartment before this Firefly marathon we're hosting on Saturday?

Seriously though, life is awesome. The weather is beautiful, we're seeing friends, and I'm happy. Just not productive :)

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kimberlina said...

oh, i am SO with you. it's nice to feel not alone. :) today ant and i watched... oh... like 7.5 hours of television today. no lie. and it was fucking awesome.

but i am NOT getting 8-10 hours of sleep a night. i need to get started on that.