May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

This image is actually from St. Louis.  It would seem that even gas station attendants are trying to cope with the high price of gas.  (No idea what's up with the gray streak...  my camera has been acting funny recently)
This weekend was the annual Brat Fest.  A group of us went for lunch on Friday, and did our part to contribute to the world record numbers.  Jim here is on number 6.  It was quite impressive.  I only had one, and that was more than enough.

On Saturday, I went to the Henry Vilas Zoo with Graham and Renae.  Have you ever seen a white peacock before?  I hadn't until this one.  She sort of looks like a chicken without her coloring.

This was my first time being at the zoo when the prairie dogs were out.  The exhibit is a recent addition to the zoo.  They were very lively (two were even.. enjoying each other's company!)

On Sunday, DS and I went to the Milwaukee Public Museum to see the Body Worlds exhibit.  It was pretty amazing, you're not allowed to take pictures.  Afterwards we checked out the rest of the museum.  This diorama reminded me of this movie I always watched as a kid.  It starred Fred Savage when he was really little, and I swear this image was in it.


kimberlina said...

did you know that females are called peahens and babies are called peachicks?


that diorama is plastic-awesome. seriously.

Elizabeth said...

Ok, I found your post while Googling about that Fred Savage video, so I was really tickled by your memory. I grew up near Milwaukee, and I think I even bought my video from the museum. You're 100% right about the (terrifying) diorama! I also just found the whole video on YouTube. Awesome. I had no idea how popular the video was, it seemed like such a local thing! I thought it was fun to remember.