May 10, 2008

Athens, Part 3

Everything is an archaeological site.  

For example, in preparation for the Olympics, and even still, the city began adding subway stops.  Except everywhere they started digging, they found old crap.

But what can you do in a city where you really can't dig anywhere without finding something?  

Simple.  Build over it and have glass walls and floors!

Other things are just nestled in regular areas.  Like these old columns in the National Gardens.  (I think that guy is doing Tai Chi.  We thought he looked like he was just pushing the air in front of him over and over.)

Or even better, this tiny church in the patio area of a Starbucks.

A similar thing happened when they started building the New Acropolis Museum (which wasn't open yet).  So it also has a glass floor.

In this picture you can see Hadrian's Library and the Temple of the Winds (and probably other stuff too).  Everything is completely built up around them as if they were just another building on the street.

The cool thing about it is you can eat outside and view awesome things, like the Acropolis.  Free of charge!

And in a city this big and densely populated, the archaeological sites are some of the few places to experience open space.

Though be careful!  If an earthquake hits, you could have gigantic columns falling on you.  DS and I made sure we studied the length of this one so we knew how far to run if things got shaky.

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kimberlina said...

glass walls!

... don't ask, but it reminds me of that wesley snipes/sylvester stallone movie.