May 29, 2008

Job Hunting... Again.

So DS has this dream of becoming a research professor at some big university.   And I totally support that.  But DEAR GOD it's a slow process...

There was this thought in my brain that I wouldn't live in Wisconsin all that long.  And then graduating took longer than expected.  

So in December he graduates, and I think, sweet, we're like five or six months away from two real paychecks and possibly buying a house!

And then that didn't happen.

So he's applying for second post doc positions now.  Salt Lake City actually seems really interested in him.  Which is really exciting for the both of us, but especially for him.  He has friends there, and there are mountains, and I think he's started drooling in his sleep at the thought of living there.

This is only a temporary solution however.  So he's also going to be applying for professorships again this fall.  This leaves a small potential of moving around January (God willing the Salt Lake City thing keeps going as well as it has), and then again in the summer to whatever school wants him to teach.  He keeps telling me this is a remote possibility, as most schools will allow him to finish his post doc before moving.  I think if moving twice in one year means getting into a permanent home that much faster, bring it on.  But we'll see.

Personally, the glossy finish of my job is starting to fade, so I'm looking forward to moving (though I will sincerely miss Wisconsin; it is a seriously cool place with seriously cool people).  Mostly though, I'm counting the days until I have my dream job of pursuing my hobbies all day (and I don't mean sleeping, though not needing an alarm clock is certainly part of said dream job).  This dream is near impossible until DS lands a teaching position, because living off my hobbies isn't exactly going to make ends meet until then.

So everyone cross your fingers!  Because we'd both love this Utah thing, and I really believe it will make the next step that much easier to reach.


kimberlina said...

my fingers and legs are crossed for you!!

i've heard so many good things about utah. ahhh... except for mormons. but i've heard they're SUPER nice. so you're good. :)

Janelle Renee said...

*fingers crossed*