November 25, 2007


Every year DS frets about making a turkey.  He spends a few days scouring the internet for recipes because he can't find the one he'd used the year before.  One of these times you'd think he'd save the thing.

This year was no different.  He finally settled on an Alton Brown recipe that involved brining, which is something we've never done before.  He planned the timing of everything pretty well, so that all the different foods finished about the same time (except the mashed potatoes, which was really my fault).  He even managed to do all of this while talking to the five million people that called us on Thursday.

As usual, he had no reason to worry.  This turkey was sooo moist and delicious!  Even now, three days later, it's still scrumptious.  He's so awesome!

Look at that spread!  We found this really good stuffing that came in a bag.  It had cranberries in it, which turned out to be great.  I'll have to see if they sell that stuff year round.

I was in charge of the pumpkin pie, as usual.  I attempted to bake my own pie crust this year, and failed.  I think I was close.  I messed up somewhere around the refrigerating and parchment paper and beans part.  It tasted okay after it came out of the oven, but the parchment paper didn't want to separate so my crust had holes in the bottom.  Not so good for holding pie.  Luckily, I had some chocolate crumb crusts in the cabinet, which turned out to go pretty well with the pumpkin pie.  Crisis averted!

Meanwhile, Winston is trying to remember what it was like to enjoy snow.  He's currently in the "what the hell is this cold crap?" phase.  

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kimberlina said...

that turkey looks delicious!!

kim = highly impressed.

i can't even imagine my cats in the snow. that's a whole other level of cute that i would hope to experience. damn you, florida!!