November 15, 2007

Almost There

I learned what withdrawal-induced rage was yesterday. I'm very lucky that DS is such a wonderful husband...

My night was filled with such vivid dreams that I never felt as if I were sleeping. I also woke up after every one.

I'm sure that didn't help how I felt when I finally got up this morning. Usually the dizziness had come on sometime after lunch, but it was already there when I woke.

Luckily, it wore off a couple of hours later, and I've been mostly fine ever since. Maybe I'm about done with this crap!


Wandering Far said...

Screw the class action, you should just run up in on them in the paxil building screaming "Karma's a bitch!" and start kicking everyone you see.

kimberlina said...

it's all about the nap. doesn't sound like you got enough sleep in the least. urgh!