November 07, 2007

I love you Tori!!

Saturday evening, my friend Renae and I went to see Tori Amos in concert. It was at the Riverside Theater in Milwaukee. While I can't say that it's the most beautiful theater I've ever been to*, it's definitely up there.
A chandelier inside the theater.

As it turns out, Tori is difficult to photograph from afar when it's dark and you can't hold your camera steady.

It's so hot when she plays two pianos at once!

There were some pretty cool lighting effects. This was one of my favorites.

This picture is actually clear. I was playing with the manual settings on my camera, something I've never really done before. I have absolutely no idea what they do, and no idea what I did to make this happen. Anyway, it was pretty awesome.

*Somewhere around the Fall of 2000 I believe, I saw Tori at the Fox Theater in St. Louis. Pure Bliss!


Spinning Girl said...

I do love her. Almost as much as Annie Lennox.

Wandering Far said...

I've listened to her older stuff, but kind of lost track of her after that pele album.

Still there's no doubt she's an extremely gifted artist and it'd be a great concert.

Janelle Renee said...

Tori is awesome! *sigh*