September 18, 2007

Texas is a hot and dusty state

I learned a very important thing about myself this weekend. I do not belong at three-day music festivals, especially in Texas.

1. Saw Bjork. Totally freakin awesome. There's nothing cuter than that woman saying thank you after each song.
2. Learned I can actually appreciate meat when it's cut and cooked properly. Which means everything else I've ever had has been a sorry excuse for meat...

1. Got lots of blisters on my feet.
2. Learned Sleep Number beds are the worst beds known to man. How the heck do people sleep on those things? I've never woken up so sore in my life.
3. I'm allergic to Texas. I needed my inhaler just to breathe by the end of the trip.
4. Had a panic attack Sunday night. And then again this morning. An awesome new development in my deteriorating mental state.
5. Was the source of a fight between my two best friends, the result of which is that I feel as if I've lost them both. Options: Stick around and be the source of jealousy and friction or leave and lose my two best friends. Just great.

I'm miserable. I want to go to sleep and never wake up. Seriously. I feel like hyperventilating everytime I leave my apartment, or just thinking about leaving my apartment. And I'm not allowed to die, according to DS, so I'm waiting on a phone call from my doctor who seems to be too busy to help me.

Yup, Texas sucks ass. I'm going to go bury myself in my bed.


kimberlina said...

oh, honey!


1 - i love that you got to see bjork. i am SO jealous.
2 - water some plants.

i always feel better when i water plants. when i'm miserable, i just go outside and water them. assuming it's not raining of course. maybe it's like... a feeling of control. over a living thing. like... "i've got this water and without it you'd DIE" kind of thing. ...


Anonymous said...

We keep Texas that way to keep the Yankees out.


Initially NO said...

Why is the doctor so interesting that you have to wait around for it? They can only fix you up like a vet fixes up a cat. You're going through a change of life. Relax, it's difficult because your mind is renovating, but that's the nature of it. You're better off not taking their pills the psychiatrics perscribe, they only mess with your progress, make you into a lab animal and stuff. Social workers and art therapists are better to talk to than Drs.