July 25, 2007

A whirlwind photo tour of the last two weeks

Saturday, July 14th:

Anne and I had a full out girly sleepover, complete with SIX girly movies watched, and popcorn made on the stove.

Here you can see our nest: an inflatable bed nestled within an L-shaped couch. We gave ourselves pedicures, and invented new margarita flavors. Blackberry margaritas made from frozen blackberries = awesome, until you get to the bottom and start swallowing seeds.

Sunday, July 15th:

While waiting to be picked up by Matt and Nathan, I took pictures of the landscaping around Anne's totally sweet apartment.

More awesome flowers.

No trip to Milwaukee is complete anymore without stopping at the gas station zoo. This rooster was thoroughly confused and crowing around lunch time.

This was bought at the gas station zoo. When you push his stomach, he lets out a very long maniacal laugh. That and his plastic face make this perhaps the creepiest keychain I've ever seen in my life.

The first of two weeks of Brewers games, this is Anne's brother, Nathan. Or as DS still lovingly calls him after I spent Easter with Anne's family, Jerk-athan. I inadvertently made his most favorite dessert of all time, made from scratch lemon bars. He was in heaven.

This was completely unacceptable. Aside from the fact that this is a Boston Red Sox hat, which in my house is treason on it's own, its a PINK Red Sox BEANIE that's much too small for his head. It just flopped around through the whole game. I wanted to shove it in his nachos. I have issues with team paraphernalia that's not in team colors.

Anne is in love with Prince Fielder. We call him her MLB boyfriend.

Wednesday, July 18th:

At the last weekly movie night, where DS, Matt, Dave, me, and now Gloria meet up at Anne's to watch either a movie or a tv series (past shows: Battlestar Galactica and Firefly), we noticed something crawling over the neighbor's roof. Sure enough, it was five raccoons coming out of the vent in the roof. Only Jesse could fully appreciate how funny this is.

Friday, July 20th:

I took this picture when I found my cats sleeping, Felix with her leg over Winston. I was inspired by how much they love each other. Of course, mid-shot they start to wake up, and instead I get Felix yawning, but looking like she's going to eat me. Kinda cool, but not the loving shot I was going for.

DS and I found a "hiking trail" while at Lindsey's wedding reception. It was really just a mowed path around a bunch of corn fields, but I did manage to take some pretty awesome shots as the sun was setting. This one is my favorite.

Saturday, July 21st:

We're on our way to the annual company picnic at Devil's Lake, also know as the "Epicnic". (pronounced epic-nic; they're so clever...) Matt, Gloria and I squished in the back seat of DS's car, while I attempted to have a picture of Matt giving a real smile. Obviously, it didn't work out too well.

This is Gloria. You haven't met her yet, mostly because I've only recently met her myself. The whole past year I've been at my new job, she's been working from Sweden. SWEDEN! But now she's back, and she's Anne's good friend, and now I know that I love her. Here, she's eating steak and lobster at the picnic, and has wrapped her neverending napkin around her like a scarf. She has style!

DS climbed the "impossible" climbing wall, winning himself a free $20. He was only the second person to do it that day.

Don't Anne and Gloria look so happy in this picture? The crowd behind them is for the annual tug o'war competition, for which we missed our turn while watching DS climb. We didn't really mind.

After the picnic, we explored Parfrey's Glen, Wisconsin's very first Nature Reserve. I love how Matt looks like a giant in this photo.

Sunday, July 22nd:

Anne, beautiful as she is, is merely posing as a diversion for the real subject of the photo: the man in the background and his amazing beard. Brewers' games are always exciting, more so when you go back to back Sundays.

Everyone knows the best part of a Brewers game is the sausage race. On Sundays, they do a relay with the "little weenies". DS laughed a long time over this. He's very mature.

Exhausted from a fun-filled weekend, even the conclusion of Harry Potter couldn't keep me awake.


Jesse said...

1.) Raccoons aren't funny. They are evil and they will no doubt transmit diseases to you (if they live in your wall and chew through your ceiling) with their virus ridden flea pelts.

2.) Rob is a dork.

Spinning Girl said...

You had such fun!!!

Ummm, I might need to borrow the picture of that keychain for TBDOA. It's not a bear, but it is freaky!

kimberlina said...

holy shit, you've had such a good time lately!

1 - i am jealous of your nest and girly time. as your internet girlfriend, so i need to be worried about this new situation?

2 - i am already having nightmares about that monkey. ... does he have multiple rows of teeth? like a shark? a SHARK MONKEY?

3 - that beanie would be unacceptable anywhere, definitely. it looks AWFUL.

4 - FINISH POTTER! by the way, at the end, an atom bomb is dropped on hogwarts by the muggle prime minister and everyone dies, the end.


Code name: 1% said...

the monkey! augh!

also, when do we get pics of your new place?

Rrramone said...

Your banner makes me happy every time I see it. :-)

And girl sleepovers also make me happy. ;-))