August 20, 2007

Not a month! Ha!

I know what you all were thinking. "It's almost been a whole month since she's updated! A few more days, and I'm calling her on it." Beat ya to it, suckers!

I'm moved in, I love my apartment, and I'm too lazy to take pictures and upload them. The cats used the move as an excuse to find new ways to annoy us.. like waking me up at 3:30 am. Every. Morning.

Here are some random lists. Just cause.

Top 5 Songs That Keep Running Through My Head and Making me Want to Kill Myself:

1. The Farmer in the Dell (specifically, the line of "The cheese stands alone")
2. There was an old lady who swallowed a fly
3. Party - Nelly Furtado
4. Maybe it's only those three... but I think the cheese stands alone over and over and over counts as three.

Top 5 Things Currently Swallowing my Time

1. August 30th deadline at work (10 + hour days and weekends sometimes too... YUCK)
2. Photoshop on my mac = heaven
3. Setting up a dedicated craft space. Now who's going to tell me to clean up my mess? Nobody, that's who!
4. Reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman, and in fact, Neil Gamon's books in general. Pure genious.
5. Rome, Season 1. Holy Crap. Why have I never had HBO?


Sleep Goblin said...

I'm not really sure the cheese stands alone comes from the farmer in the dell, since right now i can't get any further than "the farmer in the dell (repeat) hi ho the derr-i-o, the farmer in the dell". but i think it does. just not sure how the two pieces are connected. mind you, in my head, the cheese stands alone never gets past the repeating part, but i *think* it eventually gets to that hi ho part. who know...

MAHIMA said...

i LOVE your blog header!

Dragonslayer said...

Clean up your mess!

Spinning Girl said...

The thought of you brain-cycling "THE CHEESE STANDS ALONE" makes me adore you.

tRuCuLeNtWoMaN said...

Sweetheart, I hate to tell ya, but the cheese DOES stand alone. I've missed you!