September 07, 2006

Winston Plays Baseball

See him trying to stop this game mid-play?? We should have named him Jeter.

Note: Kitties are taking meds right now for tummy problems. I wish I could say it's mellowing them out, but alas, not even tummy problems can keep them from turning into little monsters when the sun goes down.


kimberlina said...

dude, kittens are always monsters. he's so adorable, though! little cute paws!

my big cat, who now weighs 20 lbs (TWENTY!) vomited like crazy this past weekend. we had to take him to the vet. :(

Bee said...

My cat (who weighs a mere 16lbs by comparison) barfed all over my carpet yesterday too.

Your little guy is so cute, sleepy! I want to get another kitten, but fear that 3 cats would cause Bobi's sinus' to go on strike.