September 19, 2006

A Week of Birthday and Fun

Well, my week of birthday is over. I'm sad to say that I'm old enough that people just don't give me presents anymore, at least no one outside of DS and Mom. But I'm very happy to say that people still come to birthday parties, and they'll even make me food.

MT made me a cake with "raspberry" icing, which we've decided is most definitely pink.

The glass class was a blast, though after getting my pendants back today, I've decided a second round will be needed to create anything that will look decent. It was really hard to imagine how the colors would melt together, and my failed attempts have taught me a few things. Still, definitely worth it!

This weekend was spent in Kentucky for my bridal shower and bachelorette party. The shower had to be rescheduled for Sunday, instead of Friday evening, because my flight was cancelled, rescheduled, rescheduled again, declared broken, and rescheduled, making me arrive in the wrong town 2 hours too late to be there. However, I had my trial hair appointment, got to see the place where we're getting married, went shopping, hung out with family and friends, and just had an overall great time.

A special thanks to Kelly, my MOH, and Chanda, who worked very hard under stressful circumstances, to give me a great weekend. And also to my mother, who is doing her best to help with the planning even though she's hours away.

Now for the pictures!

Kelly decided that there aren't enough pictures of me on my blog, so she stole my camera for the weekend.

The lighting in this picture makes me feel like a movie star.

We'll stand in front this pond during the ceremony.

This is where the bridal party will come from.

Kelly insisted we go to Victoria's Secret. It's apparently not a bachelorette party without lingerie.

Kel and Chanda took me out for LIT's for my bachelorette party.

Kelly read off the answers to one of the quizzes. Trying to remember which presents go with which anniversaries gets really hard after paper, silver and gold.

Kelly took some really nice pictures of the guests. I love this one of Chanda.

My mom (in pink) and her sister.

Look at all of those awesome gifts!

With a light up crown and a sash, I felt like a princess. Or perhaps a homecoming queen. Either way, it was fun.


Anonymous said...

Oh what a tangled web we weave.

Anonymous said...

my future's so bright!-kelly

Anonymous said...

That's a lovely picture of me being sunburned and But it was fun! You do sort of look like a homecoming ~Chanda :)

M.Mouse.Fan said...

Those pictures turned out really good. Although you could have left out the one of me! You are going to be a beautiful princess on your wedding. I am so blessed to have such an outstanding daughter!!
Love you Boo.

cg-c said...

Ooooh! Love the last pic with the tiara & sash!

Monkey said...

Oh MY GOODNESS! Happy Birthday and a belated Congratulations on your upcoming nuptuals. How exciting!

Anonymous said...

Lovely pics. What a beautiful bride you'll be!

B.O.B.I. said...

()&%*&$*(&)( South and its (*%^$(&^)*( weather. It's raining here. Again. Also, I saw my breath for the first time since last winter.


I'ma go slap on some jammies, slippers, a robe, and crawl under the blankets and have me some good ol' Minnesota hibernation... until 6 am tomorrow morning.


You look like you're having fun, though; Beth loves the sash. And the tiara. And pretty much everything having to do with your wedding plans. In fact, I think she's hatching a scheme to switch places with you until the ceremony's over, but I can't be sure.

Congrats and Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

yay, you're so beautiful!! you should definitely have more pictures on your blog. love it!

and you look rather radiant. how exciting!

Spinning Girl said...

Happy birthday and what a wonderful planning time this is for you. You are beautiful, so beautiful.