September 28, 2006

Change is in the Air

Last weekend, DS and I went north for Cranberry Fest, which apparently has the biggest arts and craft fair in all of Wisconsin. To be perfectly honest, it took us a long time to find anythign arts and crafty about it. A large majority of the thousands of booths we saw looked more like a sad flea market, full of other people's unwanteds.

The lack of art didn't douse our spirits though, for the trip gave us our first taste of real Fall. Yes, the season is definitely changing, and I am elated!

Man I love these colors. I hope Fall holds off in Kentucky just long enough for it to look like this when I get married.

DS, in a rare moment for him, actually smiled for the camera. Though to be honest, I was merely patient enough for him to laugh at all of his scowling.

Where I live, a little further south, the color is starting to creep in as well. The temperature has dropped enough just today that I had to close the windows from the chill.

These two balconies beat the socks off me during the apartment's "prettiest patio" contest. It still looks like Spring over there.

Look at those flowers! I still can't believe I took this picture.

Of course, Felix says it's Fall, and what she says goes!

Note: I've rearranged some things on the sidebar. Being the copycat I am, I've added a section for the book I'm currently reading. Also, Willie will be happy to note the change in his brownie points, which is due to DS and I deciding to use his suggested reading in our ceremony. Thanks Willie!!


Anonymous said...

holy cow, those leaves are incredible!!

my floridian self is jealous. it looks so crisp and delicious...

*le sigh*

Monkey said...

I love your photographs! The flowers are gorgeous.

We're having a pretty fall up here for the first time in years. In past years it was too dry and the leaves just went straight to BROWN. (Although I love the color brown...)

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures!

You are spoiling us with more frequent posts. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

YOur kitty Felix...Looks exactly like my kitty Stinker.