July 14, 2012


So you're probably wondering where I've been for the last forever.  The truth is, I'm pregnant!  DS and I are expecting twins "January 18th".  Or 13th, as Friday's ultrasound tech mentioned to me for the first time after 6 appointments.  I have no idea.  I haven't been overly worried about their due date since twins pretty much always come by 38 weeks, on average around 36, and a decent percentage as early as 32.  We we're saying roughly this holiday season.

Two babies!  Horribly blurry photos!
Hooray!  We're so excited.  We're finally in the second trimester and feel like we can tell people.  There's always a chance something will happen before the 20th week, but the chances are much smaller now.  And we live less than 3 miles from the best neonatal hospital in the nation, so while preemies are a concern, I feel that we're in great hands.

Not being able to talk about something that has been basically occupying all my thoughts hasn't left much to write about.  I do think I left out a post or two because I got distracted, which I'll try to fill in later.  I've been sleeping and resting a lot.  Eating more than I thought possible.  Doing pretty well with the nausea thing once I figured out that I wasn't eating enough.

Now that I'm starting to feel a little more normal, it's strange to discover some new limitations.  The last two nights I've noticed an uncomfortable pressure if I lay too much on my stomach, which I knew was coming but is still a bummer since I sleep like that a lot.  Pregnancy pillow is on its way!  I have to be careful about my laptop too, because I lounge on the couch with it a lot, and the heat bothers me now.  Steps are like torture on my lungs and heart.  It's hard to believe that when I found out I was pregnant I was training for a 5k and running better than I ever have in my life.  (I walked that 5k...)  Now I'm tired if I walk too fast or too long.  *sigh*

Truthfully, pregnancy itself is totally lame.  I keep asking DS if they can be here already (he tells me he actually ordered that for me as a surprise, but it's on back order), or if I can borrow an 18 year old body for a while and that I promise to give it back afterwards.  But I'm still so excited for babies!!!  I can't wait :)  And I know there will be major adjustments, and lack of sleep, and all that stuff, but I am so ready to be blown away.

13w scan.  Baby A is the blob to the right; it wasn't feeling photogenic.

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Lisa said...

It won't seem so lame once they start moving :-)