July 17, 2012

Eastern State Penitentiary

I've been showing my mom and her husband around Philadelphia for the past few days.  Today they wanted to tour the penitentiary.  I've always wanted to tour it myself, so I gladly agreed.  This place was famous for its "Pennsylvania System" of inmate care, which was basically severe solitary confinement.  Now it's mostly remembered for house Al Capone, possibly being haunted, and hosting one of the scariest haunted houses in the US.  As someone who studied Historic Preservation, I am intrigued by the architecture, and the decision to leave it as a "preserved ruin."  It's a really cool place, and I can't believe I hadn't been there sooner.  DS was working, so the two of us will definitely have to go back some time, and next time I'll take a better camera.

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