January 03, 2012

Goals for 2012

  • Read 80 books
    • This is the same as last year's goal, but I barely made it, and I plan to have less time this year
  • Learn to code in a new language
    • Probably javascript
  • Finish the cross stitch I've been making for my mom for 15 years
  • Watch all Star Trek shows and episodes from start to finish
  • Make a clothing pattern
  • Make something from that pattern
  • Sell $500 worth of goods on Etsy
    • Look, this would be a big improvement for me over previous years... hush
  • Do some kind of exercise at least once a week
    • You have to start somewhere...
  • Weave something without using plain weave
  • Blog more, even if I'm back posting
    • In fact, expect Christmas and New Year's posts to show up later, back dated
  • Play one of my instruments, any one, at least 2 hrs a week, not counting any band practices
  • Re-vamp the Sleep Goblin website
  • Play more board games
  • Try to be happier and not worry so much about everything

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