August 15, 2011

A Conversation with DS

me: what's with all these cops out tonight?
  ds: not sure.. maybe it's a response to all these flash mobs that have been roaming the streets?
  me: what?!? we had flash mobs and i missed it???
  ds: yeah, it's kind of nuts
  me: man, that's awesome. i'd love to see that!  why would the cops care about that? were they disrupting traffic or something?
 ds: what? no man, it's scary. they're like twenty 16 year old running around and knifing people
  me: oh. yeah, i don't think you know what a flash mob is
  me: a flash mob is where people show up like it's random and then do a dance routine
 ds: oh.  what kind of mob is this?
  me: that'd just be a regular mob.
I'm not posting this to make fun of DS, though I did laugh a lot at the time.  Mostly, I think it really illustrates how different our brains are.  And it's funny.


Dragonslayer said...

To be fair, the newspapers were also calling them flash mobs. That's where I picked up the term.

kimberlina said...