July 29, 2011

Minneapolis Re-cap

Minneapolis was wonderful. DS and I had been once before for a short one night trip to see the Yankees play the Twins. Though perhaps I didn't blog about it, because I can't seem to find the post now.  This particular trip was due to a conference DS needed to attend.  I tagged along to see Beth and Brian.

Arrive in the morning, temperatures 66, FANTASTIC.  Picked up at the airport by Beth and Brian, whom I am technically meeting for the first time even though I've known them for 5+ years.  Go to the "going away" party brunch at The Strip Club (no joke! but it's steak, so sort of a joke!) for one of Brian's sisters, where we met his whole family.  Have fenian french toast with an irish whiskey caramelized sauce.

Drop DS off at the hotel for conference stuff, then go to the zoo.  Get dropped off at hotel, eat, collapse in exhaustion.

Sleep in!  Wait around for people to stop having job stuff to do.  Dinner with Beth and Brian at La Casitas.  (Take phone call from Mom to tell her how to set up her wireless router.)  Stop by Minnehaha Falls.

Oooh and Aaah!
Photo by Beth

Sushi Lunch, eaten in the IDS Center downtown, which is a totally enclosed space full of sunlight and benches and trees and "rain."

Swim laps in the pool, work out in the gym, go to Brian's place and play Minecraft and League of Legends all night.

I don't remember what I did during the day!  But that night we were fed homemade pizza by Beth, and then Brian, DS and I played Settlers of Catan, and all four of us played We Didn't Play Test This At All.  And of course, you have to end a gathering with a YouTube party, so we did!

Photo by Beth
Fly home!


Bee said...

That was a really fun time! I hated that I had to work every day, I had so many fun things in mind, Like Canoeing around in Lake Harriett for one. Next time, for sure!

Also, I keep singing in my head "Show me your genitals, genitals". It's beyond disturbing at this point.

::shakes fist at Brian::

Sleep Goblin said...

hahaha, yes well. i keep doing it too, and the dance. sometimes just the dance. i find it makes a good winning move in an argument :D